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Issue of this week (21 August, 2016)

Issue of this week (21 August, 2016)

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Climate Change Induced Tropical Cyclone and Salinity Intrusion in the Sundarbans: An Impediment to the REDD Programs

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in developing countries, or REDD for short, is a broad set of approaches and actions that will reduce emissions from deforestations and forest degradation. Bangladesh Climate Change Strategic Action Plan (BCCSAP) has six pillars, one of which is low carbon development. REDD is one program under it. […]


Intra-Island Migration in Bay of Bengal

Peoples living in coastal and offshore islands of Bangladesh have been facing a problem of losing their homes and sources of livelihoods by natural hazards and are forced to move further into the sea. These increase their vulnerability socially and environmentally than any time before. Question may arise; why these […]


Will we collapse like Easter Island?

The spectacular statues of Easter Island, a sparsely populated Pacific isle which is seemingly so desolate that there are not even any large trees on it, have been a mystery for centuries. How could an island of a few thousand people produce hundreds of such statues, the largest of which […]


Fire Tornado

A fire tornado is just like a tornado but made of fire instead of air. When we picture a tornado, most of us imagine a whirling column of air poking down from the clouds. But this tornado-like effect is not limited to just air.  As the heated air from the […]


Agriculture and Food Supply Impacts & Adaptation

Agriculture is an important sector of the U.S. economy. In addition to providing us with much of our food, the crops, livestock, and seafood that are grown, raised, and caught in the United States contribute at least $200 billion to the economy each year.  Agriculture and fisheries are highly dependent […]


Antarctic Sea Ice Expanding!

During Southern Hemisphere winters, sea ice in the Antarctic, the floating chunks of frozen ocean water, is actually increasing. In late September, satellite data indicated that Antarctica was surrounded by the greatest area of sea ice ever recorded in the region: 7.51 million square miles (19.44 million square kilometers), the […]


Northernmost Lake Reappears Due to Warming

The world’s northernmost lake, situated near the coast of Greenland, is coming back to life. Populations of microscopic algae, called diatoms, have been absent from the lake Kaffeklubben Sø for over 2,000 years. But a new study has found that the diatoms are returning, thanks to global warming. Diatoms were […]


Climate Change Trustee Board clears 4 projects

Dhaka, Sep 4 (bdnews24.com)—The government on Tuesday approved four projects with an outlay of Tk Tk 508 million to encourage activities against carbon emission and reduce carbon production through the use of solar power.The Climate Change Trustee Board under the Ministry of Environment and Forests approved these projects at a […]

Climate change stalks coastal Bangladesh

Climate change stalks coastal Bangladesh

Oct 24, 2008 Triggered by climate change, frequent cyclones and storm surges are sweeping away Bangladesh’s existing landmass. Rising sea levels and increased salinity have not only affected farming in the country’s coastal areas but also caused mass migration, creating environmental refugees. Kutubdia, Bangladesh: The sea has crept almost 15 km into Kutubdia, an island off […]