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Accidental Oil Pollution in the Sundarbans: Preparedness for Response to Ecological Disaster

Abstract: Sundarbans is the largest single mangrove forest of the world. This forest occupies near about 10,000 sq km of which Bangladesh includes about 6,000 sq. km and remaining 40% lies within Indian part. The forest is rich in biological diversity. There are 35 species of core mangrove, 334 species […]


Present Condition of Buriganga

The Buriganga is economically very important to Dhaka. When the Mughals made Dhaka their capital, in 1610, the banks of the Buriganga were already a prime location for trade. The river was also the city’s main source of drinking water, but now the river is afflicted by the noisome problem […]


Battle to save biggest ‘dead zone’

Aquatic “dead zones” are a tragic illustration of human beings’ negative impact on the world’s oceans. They are areas so overloaded with pollutants that they have difficulty sustaining any life. The flow of fertilizers, sewage and industrial pollutants into rivers and seas has overloaded some coastal marine areas with nutrient […]


‘Little scope for Bangladesh in carbon trade’

DHAKA, DEC 2: Though Bangladesh has huge forest resources, there is little scope for the country to avail of carbon trading in the global carbon market, says an environment expert. “At present, there is no ‘cap and trade’ in the world. Bangladesh has no scope to sell carbon credit in […]


Asian Air Pollution Warms U.S. More Than U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

There is a just-published study that provides evidence that air pollution emanating from Asia will warm the U.S. as much as or even more than all U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Such a result effectively renders all EPA and other efforts at mitigating climate change in the U.S. by limiting […]

List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions

List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions


Surviving in a warmer world: A cover story by Gaia Vince*

Section: Features If the planet warms by 4 °C – as it might this century – it will change beyond all recognition. A radical new world order may be our only hope, says Gaia Vince ALLIGATORS basking off the English coast; a vast Brazilian desert; the mythical lost cities of Saigon, […]



#1 Over the last 50 years, human activities – particularly the burning of fossil fuels – have released sufficient quantities of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to affect the global climate. The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has increased by more than 30% since pre-industrial times, trapping more heat […]


Al Gore’s Speech On Renewable Energy

July 17, 2008 Following is the prepared text of former Vice President Al Gore’s speech in Washington Thursday about renewable energy. Source: AlGore.com. There are times in the history of our nation when our very way of life depends upon dispelling illusions and awakening to the challenge of a present […]


Climate change and climate variability: personal motivation for adaptation and mitigation

Background Global climate change impacts on human and natural systems are predicted to be severe, far reaching, and to affect the most physically and economically vulnerable disproportionately. Society can respond to these threats through two strategies: mitigation and adaptation. Industry, commerce, and government play indispensable roles in these actions but so do individuals, […]